Sarati International Private label Manufacturing and Cosmetic Manufacturing
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Give Your Patients what they want....
A Progressive new concept in hormone support and rebalancing solutions for men and women.
Rebalancing Solutions
Sarati Laboratories developed their Proprietary Dermal Delivery Matrix to generate a high absorption rate to replace nutrients that men's and women's changing bodies need.  Our health natural nutritional supplements were designed for womens and men's health. 
The New New Vitamin B-complex topical cream as had remarkable success! Learn more or order your Vitamin B-Complex today!  Check with your Chiropractor or health provider today.
Private label Manufacturing & Cosmetic Manufacturing

Sarati is a family owned cosmetic manufacturing company specializing in skin care, hair care, and personal care products. Our formulations are unique, patented, and subject to clinical trials.
We can help you create your own formulas or you can use one of ours. Please contact us at 800-900-0701 for more information on Private label manufacturing opportunities.
Where to Buy
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